Free Range Report: Squats and Hot Water Bottles

The Reynolds Wrap company has some alternate turkey recipes, we think we are all the best gift-givers and welcome to “Idahonia!”

The flowers were all blooming in my yard last weekend. But this week’s deep freeze means….until next year!


Free Range Report: Tongue Twisters and Dog Poop

There’s a territorial battle with a French twist happening in the North End, a new mineral has been discovered and named after “Dave,” and luxury candles that speak to Idaho. thank you for listening!


Free Range Report: Desserts and Toddler Clothes

Free pumpkins, pond mirrors, and justification for my LOVE of potato chips. Take a mental health break with me every night at 8:40ish on 94.9 the River, or stream on Alexa, Google, or Thank you for listening!