Free Range Report – Pumpkin Spice Spring and Summer Camps

The Lady and the Tramp photo trend explained, a unique Mother’s Day gift idea, and the sound of plants screaming. Thanks for listening!

Free Range Report – Ladybugs and French Toast

Local ladybug spotters are needed. is teasing us. Eat the sandwich that Pedro Pascal rejected. Thank you for listening!


Free Range Report – Yellow-bellied Marmots and Crawfish

Whistle pigs, eggs that deserve their own hotel, a resource for emergency panties, and a TSA fight over peanut butter. Thanks for checking it all out!


Free Range Report – Dutch Crunch Rolls and the Scent of the Year

Ants. I’ve asked them to leave….but. Barbie party cakes are a thing, you could own a carousel for free. Thank you for listening!